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According to the American Migraine Foundation, Migraines affect 37 million Americans, costing more than 20 billion annually.  

"From the medical massage point of view, we can separate headaches into three major categories: true migraines, headache as a result of somatic and visceral disorders and headache originating in the central nervous system. Thus a headache can be a symptom of a disorder or independent syndrome".(Medical Massage volume 1, Ross Turchaninov MD)

"Massage therapy must be part of the treatment of every patient with migraine and headaches. Massage therapy is not a panacea in the same way that other methods are not. The overall result of the control of headaches comes from the integrative combination of different methods. Massage therapy may play a critical role in the complete control of headache, e.g. in cases of spasm of the posterior cervical muscles"(Ibid)

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