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Parkinson's Disease Protocol

The goals of medical massage for Parkinson's are:

  • Decrease Anxiety

  • Decrease of rigidity, spasticity and tremor

  • Maintenance of the elasticity of the soft tissues

Medical massage for Parkinson's Disease is an important addition to medication as well as an appropriate regular exercise program, to support the quality of life and in some degree, may slow down the further development of the disease


Each protocol begins with 4-5  daily sessions lasting 60 to 75 minutes. Then a 2-3 day break followed by another 4-5 daily sessions.  Afterwords, weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance visits.  Then in change of seasons, another bout of intensive daily sessions.,    If needed, I will come to your home (within a radius of 7 miles from my office).

Please call me to schedule an evaluation

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